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InWebOut mainly conducts IT business, and consults and supports students who would like to study abroad in Hawaii, the US. InWebOut is also the booking agent of Shuhei Onishi, CEO.

InWebOut always seeks lots of possibilities and tries to challenge itself towards better and superior quality services since being established on May 6, 2016. Shuhei Onishi, CEO, has a severe disability, Progressive Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and uses a wheelchair. In spite of this difficulty, he graduated from a college in the U.S. and acquires many skills and specialist-oriented qualities along his journey. He hopes to provide his power for future endeavors. InWebOut holds his personal belief.

大西 修平
Shuhei Onishi

1986年生まれ東京都出身。「ハワイの大学で留学・勉強したい!」という夢を叶えるため、「するための準備・下見」という夢としてメイク・ア・ウィッシュ・オブ・ジャパンの協力のもと、公立高校在学中に一時渡米。高校卒業後、夢をかなえたウィッシュチャイルドの経験を糧に本格的に留学による渡米をする。ハワイはホノルルに滞在し、ハワイ大学カピオラニコミュニティカレッジに通い、インフォメーション&コンピューターサイエンスやビジネス微積分学などを学びつつ独学でウェブサイト制作を学ぶ。奨学金”the Financial Aid Pacific-Asian Scholarship”を受け、全米成績優秀者協会”Phi Theta Kappa“や”Who’s Who Among Students In American Junior Colleges“に入会。在学中勉学と並行しながらボランティア活動を積極的に行い、”Service Learning – Presidential Award Bronze (100 hours)“をホワイトハウス及び当時のアメリカ大統領ジョージ・W・ブッシュから授与される。後にハワイ大学カピオラニコミュニティカレッジからリベラルアーツ専攻で準学士を授与され卒業。帰国後、介護業界に携わりつつ、ウェブの勉強をし、2016年フリーランスで事業登録及び屋号「インウェブアウト」を立ち上げる。また、ハワイと繋がる仕事がしたいと思い、2019年「インウェブアウト留学センター」を設立し、留学サポート業を開始。今に至る。

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Shuhei was born in 1986, in Tokyo, Japan. He temporarily visited Hawaii, US, through Make-A-Wish of Japan for the preparation of studying abroad to make his dreams come true when he was a high school student. He studied abroad to Hawaii as a wish-child who was able to make his dreams come true at the age of 18. He has lived Honolulu, Hawaii, for about 3 years and kept learning making a website through self-study while attending University of Hawai‘i – Kapiʻolani Community College. After graduating, he came back to Japan and has been working freelance; his business name is InWebOut. He has a severe disability, Progressive Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and uses a wheelchair.

InWebOut Center for International Education (ICIE)



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InWebOut Center for International Education (ICIE) is a Hawaii study abroad agency. In 2019, ICIE made a recruiting partnership with University of Hawaiʻi – Kapiʻolani Community College in order to make a dream come true of students with disabilities who would like to study abroad and without disabilities as well. Now, ICIE can help students any assistance for study abroad in Hawaii.